#Kili4TheChildOnline is a charity cause, an initiative to spark up the discussion and support for safety and well-being of children in Africa. It was started to have the Executive Director of the organization embark on the expedition to the only free standing mountain in the world thus Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

It is said that knowledge is power and it also opens doors,if this saying is anything to go by then we should all take delight addressing the issues of child online safety in a more holistic manner by offering alternatives to child wellbeing. This satisfaction we at Child Online Africa have had first hand and you do not need to hike Mt.Kilimanjaro but you could hike a chosen mountain in your country in honour of child safety. 100% of the proceeds go to creating free educational videos and programs for children and young people in Across Africa. You can learn more about COA's mission for the child on our hike page.

“The issue of child online abuse has been happening for far longer than l was aware. Did l think about the dangers involved in embarking on this kind of cause? Yes I did and thought the benefit outweighs any social consequences l might face. Truth is, the more you become aware of an issue, that also drives you to do something about it.” Awo Aidam Amenyah

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