Nice Net November

Every year since November 2015, J Initiative now Child Online Africa holds awareness and education campaign from the 1st of November through to the 30th of November with the aim of encouraging cyber hygiene dubbed Nice Net November (#NiceNetNovember).

This initiative evolves over the years from just sharing safety tips daily to media engagements, workshops sessions, and unveiling of eSafety resources. Each we lookout to reach at least 5000 people with relevant eSafety tips so be on the lookout for the hashtag #NiceNetNovember and host an activity near you this year.

Digital Literacy Week :

A week of education and awareness creation taking place in the church, mosques, and schools. We do not have a pre-determined schedule for this week in a month for this activity to take place. It largely depends on the outreach requests on COA’s calendar. Should you have a need for us in your district, region, or community, let us know and the team will be pleased to be your guest.

Online Safety And Wellbeing Competition

Competition is one of the ways we thought we could engage our audience because children are our partners in producing the kind of content we put out. These inputs matter to Child Online Africa. It is against this background COA started the Safety and wellbeing competition expected to result in different formats of children’s perspective and expectations of safety and wellbeing within the ecosystem. By this approach, we encourage children to express themselves in writing, drawing, painting, and even in oral literature. The first of its kind saw the prize item of 2 Kindle tablets donated by World Reader but these tablets could not be redeemed by the prospective winners because of a technical challenge that marred the process of determining the winners. We hope this hitch could be cleared to allow for a transparent system next time.