Who We Are

Child Online Africa (COA) formally J Initiative is a child focused research and advocacy based non-governmental organization that campaigns for/with children and young people and their families to influence policies and change practices that affect child welfare in Africa.

We build partnership with organizations and individuals to promote child online safety by employing rights and evidence based advocacy approaches to achieve sustainable outcomes. These activities we believe will endorse child online safety locally, foster an Africa Fit for Children and promote the global child safety agenda.

Resource mobilization, Open Strategic Partnerships, Capacity building and policy advocacy have played key roles in our work. We are pacesetter in most of our operational communities on issues of online literacy and safety, menstrual hygiene management and the general well-being of children and young people, with special focus on young girls. Our work with Government, local and international organizations and individual technical experts seeks to end all forms of individual, institutional, and systemic violence against children and young people.

We strategically adopt mass education and provision of safety resources, violence prevention and response initiatives, advocacy and research to achieve our goals.

Our policy advocacy consultations with the Ministry of Communication in Ghana are promoting Child Online Protection under a bigger Cyber Security framework resulting in mass awareness programs throughout Ghana. These actions have influenced Ghana’s status on the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) COP bench-marking.

We believe both local and international advocacy will effectively manage child Internet access threats. The complexity of these challenges demands a participatory policy development to ensure universal action and produce the needed change in practices.


Child Online Africa believes that Menstrual Hygiene Management is a suitable way for girls to cope with their monthly periods hygienically. COA’s HAPPY SCHOOL GIRL PROJECT focuses on the ways a girl can keep clean and healthy during menstruation with respect to how they get hold of, use and dispose of materials used for blood absorption such as disposable sanitary pads, reusable sanitary pads or a menstrual cup. Maintaining good hygiene during menstruation is important for a girl’s well-being, freedom of movement, and dignity.

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